Tuesday, 30 October 2007


One of the swap groups I have joined has been dillydallying over the amount of cards we should send each month. I posted a possible idea and got a reply posted as SPAM.

I was a little upset to see that, as I thought SPAM is considered, junk, rubbish, annoying stuff, you get the idea? I posted a query as to what did they mean, and waited but there was no explanation so will leave that site for a few days before going back as I felt like chucking it in there and then.

I thought I had been doing so well on the computer, I have managed to work out how to scan pictures into the puta, not this page yet though.

Oh well, I'll do the ironing, that tends to sooth me out of any discomfort. Strange, but true.

Also, last night I was scrolling through the forums and found one that looks as though it could be fun, there are some 1 to 1 swaps, have told D and we are possibly going to join this one at the weekend.

Glutton for punishment that's me.

Should really be getting on with group's newsletter.... more of that later. The ironing is calling me.

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