Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Well I got all the ironing done, including the four yards of fabric for 'A' for the back of one of her Quilt's, I also read quite a bit of the book 'A' got from the library for me, it's getting really good, do I or don't I believe Jamie????? Few more chapters and all will be revealed. The book is called 'Mercy' it's by Jodi Picoult, I have read one of hers before, that was about the Amish, very good, such a twist at the end, so I am half expecting 'Mercy' to be similar.
Anyway, this evening I got my penguins sewn down, this is a small hanging [Christmas] I am doing with my group. The penguins are quite cute, 'A' has done hers slightly different to me, and I like hers more than mine now. She is a good pupil, or is that I am a good teacher?? ha ha bighead me!!
I must have a tidy round my sewing machine tomorrow, I have two pairs of trousers that need turning up for 'Z' and I have to clear away all the glittery bits that have come off the penguin fabric or she wont be best pleased when she gets them back sparkling!! he he
Must have a word with 'D' about this blogging thing, I seem to be having trouble getting into mine each time I wish to put something in. First though I'll persevere and try to solve it myself as I don't really want anyone to know I am doing this just yet, got to get a bit more confident on it.
Now, will I or wont I go to see my Yahoo sites???????

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Leigh Russell said...

Congratulations on your retirement. You sound so busy, don't you wonder how you ever had time to work? I teach and I know the summer months when I'm on holiday just fly by. You're welcome to visit my blog to say hallo.