Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Well it just serves me right doesn't it!
Don't answer that... or do at your peril!!

On the Popular Patchwork Forum, I have started two seperate threads, both are a kind of club. One is a Birthday Club, where I have got the people who signed up to make a card and enclose a gift of fabric for the birthday girl. I was expecting to get about ten sign up......I got 25!!  Whew!!  I was doing alright until the February dates. There are SIX birthdays in February, and I had to send the emails with the info to each of them seperately so they didn't get to see what their gift was to be. Well, wouldn't you know, I sent one in error and one lady saw what she was to receive.  I wasn't having that, I quickly adjusted the charts I had made so she will be getting something now, she knows not what. I have to tell you the lady in January, has received all hers, her birthday was early January. She was thrilled to bits, I shall ask if I can put her picture here as it really does say it all, but meantime, I am showing you the cards and gifts of fabric she got. I asked the others to send her, four squares of fabric 6" square, two green and two cream...multiply that by 24 and that's a lot of you can see here...

and here are the cards...

Just wonderful.
So many different styles,
some of the ladies hadn't made a card before so these are brilliant don't you think.

The other 'club' I am doing, also on the PP Forum is a UFO club.
I get the ladies to send me pictures of their UFO's they have had lurking in their cupboards or under the bed for years and years, you know what I mean!!!
And guess what,
well, hang on,
I did this UFO club last year too,  and between them all they managed to complete
53 UFO's.
I was impressed by that.
So far there are 73 UFO's on the list this year, so by rights !!!!! we should break that record...
shouldn't we???
Watch this space.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow, you got your hands full

Reflections of life and art said...

Wow Jan, they are both wonderful clubs....great idea on the fabric squares...who wouldn't love to receive those....great job and don't bead yourself up over the mistake....they happen and you corrected it straight she will be very surprised when she doesn't get what she thought she was!
You are such a thoughtful person....many blessings to you as you bless so many being one of them!

Rosa-Munda said...

Jan, Your challenges are so much fun and we really appreciate everything you do for us. Ros x

Anonymous said...

I'll second that , sending you a big thank you, for all you are doing,


ps, reb is doing a super job with the snow, can I borrow her and her shovel, lol

maggi said...

You deserve a medal for all you have organised.

Myfanwy said...

I can see I need you to organise me! Been offline with a dead computer. Thinks I'm back now, LOL. All emails have gone - can you send me yours at some point.