Saturday, 6 December 2008


Bit of a funny day today really, didn't seem to get much done at all, had big ideas I would do loads, but, ho hum, couldn't get motivated, until, this evening after my dinner, I went into my sewing room and cut out the side triangles for my Singing Garden version, attached them, and the corners and hey presto, it is now sitting on the chair waiting for a press over with the iron before I put the borders on. This has been all guess work cos I couldn't find the instructions for the two blocks I wanted to do in the magazines, I checked and checked, I do appear to have lost one magazine somewhere along the line, but I know that wasn't one of the blocks.

The new POPULAR PATCHWORK magazine came today, and I realise the block I wanted is to be in February's magazine! Hey ho. Good job I guessed it. Mine is probably totally different to Babs Original plan, as will the rest of my quilt be I have no doubt. Hubby likes it, he said, "and where is that going?" Hopefully on our wall after Crimbo. I will need to buy some backing for it as I know I don't have enough white fabric to do it with. Blow! I thought this was going to be all from my stash. No worries, EBay here I come!!!!!

I shall cut out the borders tomorrow and hopefully get them on, then do the small amount of applique that it needs, then, onto the quilting. Yippee!

Today, as I say was a bit strange, but also lovely as I had Rebecca here whilst her mum and Aunt went over to Bramble Patch at Weedon. Suz wanted a pattern, but when they got there Annette realised she had the one Suz wanted, money saved!! Annette bought some lovely fabrics over there, she also got the batiks I wanted for my Batik swap Quilt at PP.

This for the background..........this one is to be a border.....

This one I don't like....WHY?

I don't like this one because...see that picture; it looks gorgeous doesn't it! But when you get it, it is actually in a striped arrangement, which didn't do a thing for me, I thought it was an all-over design, you know mish-mash. So that one will not be on my quilt. I love the blue one above though with the gold flecky bits on it. Must get more of that one.

Oh and just for a laugh. Here is a picture of the dough that came out of the new Bread Maker Annette had for her birthday... yuk or what! Apparently it just kept on rising and rising until it hit the lid and started to 'pop'. Rebecca ran to her room, but her mum, brave soul!!! lifted the lid and got this out...

Do you, like me, remember the film...Quatermass and the Pit....I say no more.

Last bit, I did this for a bit of fun, I quite like it.

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~ Phyllis ~ said...

wordles are fun. I did one with a spinning and knitting theme.

jan said...

I must have spent ages playing on there Phyllis, it really brought the child out in me. :-)