Tuesday, 2 December 2008


The theme set by Katy for this round was FOOD...
I am going to have a rethink about where I display these cards, as I don't want them to get 'lost' amongst all my chat. Got to look around my Blog see what I can come up with. Any suggestions anyone? I am thinking down the side bar, so they are always there.
Well, that is what I have done, I have put each card at the side bar so they can still be seen in groups. I do hope the ladies like it this way. I didn't want them to get lost in my ramblings, and they would have cos I go on and on and on and on.......get the picture!!!! So, as and when they arrive on the PP site, I will 'lift' them onto my side bar. :-)


...and here they are cut out ready to sew...

Off to sew them

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