Tuesday, 23 December 2008


Where have I been, What have I been doing? I cant believe I haven't posted on here since Friday!! How strange.

I know I was putting a gadget at the side bar and started playing with it, it was one of those Magic Eye picture thingies. Well, it actually made me dizzy and I felt really sick. So in the end I decided NOT to have it on here in case it made you sick too. I was unable for a while to use the computer, it made me feel that rough. It is a shame because I love looking into those pictures and finding just what is hiding. Apart from that for a change when I did get on here, I did a bit of surfing. I haven't done any for ages and ages. I found some lovely things. If only I were rich! I did a bit of shopping on EBay, virtual shopping that is. I went to Amazon and spent a virtual bomb there.

I have been sewing like mad of late, I have some things I cannot say about just now that I want to get done for Christmas. I have my fingers crossed they will ALL get done, we shall see!!!

OH. By the way, the yellow jacket people must have sneaked into the Close when I was out shopping because the tarmac has been done on the end of our drive, and after Hubby and Reb spent all Sunday morning jet washing the path, they came the next day and removed all the planks and paraphernalia they had left. So I am now waiting for the Gas or Water Board to turn up and dig it all up again. HO HO HO.

Please can I have a go?

What is that noise I keep hearing?

Oh look, its Father Christmas over there!

Oh, my turn now.

Oops, look Gagee, it has split! It wasn't MY fault.

If you look at Reb's feet, you will see she has a pair of MY shoes on. She didn't know Gagee was going to jet wash the path and so didn't bring her wellies. She had also come up in her Mrs. Santa dress, so had to do a rapid change into old gear. It's a wonder she didn't fall over. The pair of them ended up soaked because the rod split and the water went everywhere. HO HO HO

Give Nana a nice smile now.....


It's not THAT funny.....is it?

Our little Miss Christmas


Angela said...

Janet!!! I know what you have been up to :o) Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise that has just come through my letterbox! It's absolutely beautiful and I shall treasure it! I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas - you are wonderful lady and I'm happy to know you :o)
Take care...Angela xx

jan said...

Thanks Angela, enjoy. :-) I hope they all get to their destinations before too long.