Thursday, 11 December 2008


What a wonderful surprise I have just had. You remember Brenda, the lady I met on the Popular Patchwork Forum and she kindly sent me the pattern for her wonderful bag? Well.....

She has just rang me, all the way from Australia. Woohoo. I have to tell you I have the biggest grin on my face, it was such a lovely surprise. We have had a good chat, and her hubby Peter too, what a great couple they are. I have to admit I am shaking....with excitement. If you could see all the mistakes I have made in this piece you would think I was typing in a foreign language. I will tidy it up.

They are in their Spring at the moment so have lovely weather, we of course are absolutely freezing and white with frost. We have chatted patchwork of course, Brenda has told me of the quilts she is working on at the moment, also about her pattern business, that sounds great, [in fact if you look over to the right at the top you will see the LINK to her pattern site so you can see what I mean,] and I told her I am just messing about with bits and bobs at the moment, which I am, but I must get on with a quilt that is going in the post for someone, for Christmas!!!!

The line went all quiet and fuzzy at one point so they rang me back, but it did keep fading, my hubby he is also Peter went to bed, [early start tomorrow] I had to go in the kitchen so he wouldn't here me, cos I do talk rather loud!!

After our chat I went on the computer and I find they have gone onto Skype, I am on Skype also so that will be another bonus. BUT....I think I have messed it up, as I was shaking as I said before, and I may have cut them off instead of linking them to me. What an eejit I am!! So Brenda and Peter if you cant read my Skype messages it is because we need to link again.

Thank you, thank you for ringing me, it was so lovely to chat to you, made my day. :-))))))))))))


~ Phyllis ~ said...

That sounds like a very lovely surprise.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis,
It was amazing, I grinned for ages after.