Thursday, 4 December 2008


Today, when I moved a pile of quilts from my table to start cutting some fabric, I found two postcards that should have been posted last week, I thought I had posted them. Oh dear, oh dear, apologies winging their way to Brenda and Angela of the PP group. :-(

I haven't posted pictures of these two cards as yet, because I want them to stay a surprise for the two recipients. I can tell you the themes though. Holiday for Brenda, and Food for Angela. Annette gave me the food idea. Think Shirley Valentine!!! That is all I'm going to say.

Oh, it may be a while before the piks get on here, cos Brenda lives in Australia.

This evening I managed to get 9 blocks put together of my Singing Garden Quilt, ala Babs at PP.
one block = 28 pieces ......made
nine blocks = 252 pieces ARGH!!!!!!
Thanks Babs. :-)

HELLO ALICIA, welcome to my Blog.

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