Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Christmas bits and pieces I have made over the years are dragged out every year for Christmas. I do add some each year, then we have a problem of what goes where! It's all good fun here. Cos I want it all out, hubby doesn't half groan. No No No NOT Ho Ho Ho. Ha Ha Ha!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Irish Chain style with Poinsettia Applique, I cut them from a fabric - cheated you could say!

This is supposed to be a Christmas Wreath with a Bow...never really happy with this one.

These two l-o-n-g hangings are ones I have made; the white one is an Advent Calendar, always gets brought out too late to fill!!! the other one just says Merry Christmas. My own designs. The Santa's were both Hair Scrunchies that I bought from 'Claire's', I took them apart so the head is at the top and the feet at the bottom. Hope you are able to see these two clearly, may have to load them again if I get complaints!!!!!

Oh this one is my favourite. I love this Star, I used the 3D effect in the middle for it, using a wonderful GOLD fabric. BUT, it is a SECRET quilt, as it has all my favourite things on it, which until you see the back, you don't know about.

So, here for you, are pictures of the back so you can see my favourite things. I really enjoyed quilting this one. I went to town on it, can you tell? Can you also see, where, in my haste, in replacing the bobbin when it ran out, it is a different colour to the rest. Heyho, not to worry.

This small hanging is made from separate blocks made as individual 'Quiltlets', which you can display in whichever order you like. I did this with my group a few years ago.

I wanted a Christmas Stained Glass Hanging for my Hall, so it had to small. This was the result. BUT, if you look closely, if you can, you will see there is no bias binding used on this. I satin stitched ALL the black.
My friend Sheila's husband made me the frame for it. Great isn't it. Thanks Alan just the job.

Another hanging I did with my group a few years ago. They didn't like making the snowflakes!!
Again, not sure if you can see closely enough, I 'crystalled' this Quilt. This one hangs in the sun room.

Oh look at poor Debbie, up the corner again! Another of my favourites, because I like Bears you see. This was in an Aussie magazine I think a while back. I still haven't done the Bears faces or Santa's, I'm not good at faces so most of my stuff with people in, are Amish style!! That's my excuse anyway. This also shows my fancy ornaments for Christmas too, they get added to now and then.

Now these little beauties are the decorations that were demonstrated at my group by Betty this year. These two were made for me by my Suzanne. She also made one for Annette and one for Rebecca in their favourite colours. [such patience] The blue and yellow one here, is going in my room at her house...eventually.

Annette made this little Angel in plaids. I altered her a little, to how I saw an Angel. No face!!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at these Christmas bits and bobs of mine, it brings you a little closer to me.

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