Monday, 1 December 2008


OK, I know I technically left the online Postcard groups I was in....BUT, Leah, now in charge at FABRICARDS, has been setting such wonderful themes, I just couldn't resist a few of them, so I re-joined.
I often wonder how Martha is doing now she has retired from all the hassle of the group. I wish her well in her retirement.

1-1 #35 swap for Les in Australia - posted today

DECEMBER - MINGLE for Lori in USA - posted today

'WEAVING' - you had to make a card and somewhere on it there had to be some weaving, so I had some fun with sequin waste and ribbon, and I made a teddy template...

I only needed three, plus one for me if I wanted...
3 are going off to; Leah, Lori and Joan - posted today

This is something entirely different. On the POPULAR PATCHWORK Forum, Marian posted a message about some really old cards, made with lace envelope flaps, these had seen sent by her Grandfather to her Grandmother from WW1. Sadly she was unable to keep these as she felt they truly belonged to her Aunt. These cards were kept in a felt album.
I felt so sad for Marian, that after finding them she had to give them up, so I have made an RAK for her, it is just a couple of cards in a felt album, hope she likes them. Obviously they aren't old. YET! I had great fun making these for you Marian, also the album. Posted today



CARD 1........................CARD 2

CARD 2 with lace flap lifted

RAK = Random Act of Kindness

Again something different.
This card was sent to me by Sue M, as a thank you for the bag she received from me as a Give Away I had earlier. What a truly lovely surprise this was. Thank you so much Sue, it is in my collection.


Leah said...

Oh Janet, you have been one busy girl. I am really impressed with all the work you have posted pictures of today. I love the felt album with lace envelopes. How delightful they look and what a wonderful thing to do to recreate something so special. I know Mirian will be honored to have them. I can't wait to see what you post next. Everything you make is always so lovely and it inspires me to want to make great things. :)

jan said...

Good gracious Leah, you will give me a big head!!!
Thank you for your kind comments. Glad you like what you see. :-)

Di said...

I knew you wouldn't be able to resist making lots of postcards for long!!!!!!

jan said...

Hi Di, it is as you very well know...ALL YOUR taught me how to make them and now look what has happened!!! :-)