Friday, 19 December 2008


These are all Fabric Postcards, made for me by some of the members of my group a few Christmas's ago. Suzanne asked for volunteers and organised a secret posting for me. they each had to choose a letter, make a card with that letter on it, then post to me, I received them all higgledy-piggledy, and had to work the message out. The very last one says, HOHOHO, it was made by my GD Rebecca as she didn't want to be left out. Aren't they great.

Here are our Christmas trees. The centre one is a fibre optic one, it is quite pretty, Hubby's choice not mine!! Last year he went out and bought us a new tree. Yippee. It is a black one like Annette's. We had admired hers for many years and finally, he got one. The first picture is of it in the day, the third picture, cos the fibre optic one is in the middle, is it lit up at night. Very pretty, Annette decorated it today for me. Thanks Annette, it looks lovely, again.

A while back I won some fabrics from the Popular Patchwork site for the Notepad I designed. I was determined to make something for THIS Christmas with them, and this, is what I came up with. A small hanging for the hall for our Christmas Post - a pocket each, one for Hubby and one for me. With the left over little squares, I made 8 coasters. Hubby is very impressed with these for some reason.

This little hanging, it is unfinished of course, is from Popular Patchwork magazine. I have changed the design ever so slightly to suit my purpose. When it is completely finished I will post another photo here. I am enjoying making this, it is small enough to play with.

These are threads I bought off EBay, for a ridiculous sum of money. I was told of them by Angela on PP site. They are fabulous aren't they? I shall enjoy using these I'm sure. The next picture is of BUTTONS. Yes that's right, buttons. These also came from EBay, I bid for all of them and WON them all. I was thrilled. She tells me she has a sale in January so I will have to go and have a look then. The link for the Buttons is EBay SHOP.....Punch 'N' Julie.....enjoy looking even if you don't buy. The link is over on the side bar for you.

Last but not least. Here is a picture of a tote that was bought for me by Annette and Rebecca. It is Rebecca's Year 5 Forms, at school. They all had to draw a small picture of themselves and it got printed and made into these bags. Neat huh! I love mine.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

Those threads are beautiful. Such pretty colors. Lucky you.

jan said...

Hi Phyllis, they are aren't they I am itching to use them. :-!