Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Well blow me down it was ccold this morning. As I opened the curtains, I noticed a chap walking up the close, he had on a yellow jacket, always a bad sign. Yep, bad sign was, we had to have the end of our drive dug up, someone at the top of the close had no electricity and the box thingy was at the bottom of our drive, under the path of course. Oh joy! They dug it all up then switched off this afternoon. We had managed to fill some flasks with hot water so we could at least have a cot. BUT, he couldn't watch his TV and I couldn't do any ironing, hoovering, washing, cooking, get the idea!!!! How sad was I? But most of all I couldn't do any sewing. Grrrrrr.

Well, one of the blokes rang the bell and I answered it, he said..

"Hello dear, is the man of the house in?"


'Yes he is, but you can talk to me'

Him...flummoxed because a female had spoken to him I think!! "Erm, Oh, err,"

By which time hubby had come to the door and he; the chappy, was then quite happy telling hubby what they were about to do.
What do these men think we women are? Stupid? Thick? Unable to understand anything that regards digging a stupid hole in the path? I had the last laugh though, because this had all happened once before and I was the only one who knew where they had dug the blooming hole that time. So he had to ask - the little woman - a question in the end. Mind you I did here hubby saying, 'Oh the wife may know.' MAY????? Hah. Well, 'the wife' did. She knew a lot more than they gave her credit for.

We had to have fish and chips from the shop for our dinner. Oh dear, what a shame. We ate by the light of some Christmas decorations that worked by battery. Lucky that. But oh it was cold. Hooray for my quilts.

Whilst this was all going on, the hole digging etc; Annette and myself went over to the school, because they were having an 'impromptu' Carol concert.
They weren't kidding. No-one seemed to know what they were to sing or in what order. It was outside. OUTSIDE. It was blinking freezing, and I was going back to a house with no heat remember. The only place to stand was on grass, it had rained earlier so it was wet grass. Hey what did it matter, I couldn't feel any part of my body anymore anyway. The children all seemed to enjoy it though, I guess it was one way to get out of lessons for the rest of the day. hahaha. The parents were supposed to join in, but all they heard from Annette and myself was the sound of teeth chattering. Anyway, here are some pictures of the children singing away. Bless them.

I wonder what she was looking at.............this child looks so cold,

Come along now sing up..................... ahh that's better

Altogether now..................................sensible lad with his hat on here

Well done children.
After this, poor Rebecca had after school Netball to go to. Brrrrr.

Oh, we got our heating and electricity back on later, and at about 9.30pm, a big truck and digger came to fill in the hole outside. Bet the neighbours loved the noise. They are going to finish it all tomorrow and make it tidy...Yeah...course they will!!! Can you see that pig up there?


Di said...

These people seem to have an uncanny knack of doing things like that on the coldest of cold days or just as about you are to put in the Sunday roast!!!

We went to Libby's Christmas concert last night and Alleleuha it was a proper Christmas story!!!! No pc there. She was an angel and looked sooo... serious. Bless!

Shasta said...

Oh my goodness, I can't believe people still ask for the man of the house! Wow. They tore up my yard one winter, and told me that someone would be there with sod in the spring. I had to deal with a muddy yard all winter, and the sod never did arrive.