Monday, 8 December 2008


I actually posted this message on Sunday, but when I re-read it I wasn't happy about it so I saved it to Drafts - cos I can - then here I am today, making it better. I hope! So you weren't dreaming when you thought you had seen this before!! hohoho

These are the two blocks I am using for my version of Babs Singing Garden Quilt in POPULAR PATCHWORK. I really love the way they have turned out, I cant wait to get to the quilting part. A little bit of applique to do first though.

This is a small hanging for Christmas, Annette had already made her and she was in dark checks, so I wanted to play and see what I could come up with. I quite like the lace wings, although they don't show up very well. Ho hum.

Suzanne designed this mini quilt, it is actually A4 size, so it could be classed as a Journal page. I love the black fabric for the sky, she bought that for me this year at The Festival of Quilts. Oh and the green of the tree. The 'snow' is a piece of white fleece, covered with a piece of sparkly voile. I think it works.

OMG, this is not at all the right colour, where this is blue, mine is really black. where it is orange??? mine is red. I cant seem to get the colours to photograph right on this one. It is velvet and cord fabrics, just playing really.

Oh, this is very nearly right...........

These last little items, are things I am playing around with when I am not in the right frame of mind for my 'special' work. I do like to keep something by me that I can just doodle with.

Here is the card I sent to Angela for the FOOD swap, it was based on a film - Shirley Valentine.
The part where she slings her hubby's dinner at him and says; "Chips and egg" I don't know why but it always makes me laugh that bit. Why does she say Chips first, isn't it egg and chips to everyone else. Oh Shirley, you are funny. I do hope Angela 'gets' the idea. I can post the picture now because I know she has received it.

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