Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Today I did a really silly thing. I went into the garden and collected the washing, came in, and...


I walked straight into the Patio doors, they were closed. I had forgotten I had shut them. To say I screamed is putting it mildly. My forehead hit the glass and my left knee hit the glass. I now have a prized egg on my head, and I just cannot tell you the size of the whopper on my knee. My head, I can handle the pain, my knee, I cant. It feels dreadful, I really want it to bruise quickly, outwardly not inward, as that will be awful. It is uncomfortable sitting, laying, standing, walking.

As ET said.........................OUCH!


Di said...

ooh, hope it feels better soon. I've just been to the osteopath and it hurts more now than when I went in!!! Still it should ease it.

Maggie R said...

How terrible for you... I hope things are settling down in the pain area....
I did thst last year only the door was open and i went through the screen.. I made a snowman on the deck, and i went in to get a hat and scarf for it ... I was so excited to finish ....Flew through the closed screen ,,,,I went flying and so did the screen!!! LOL
I wish you a very Happy and Creative new Year.. and do stop by my blog, I tagged you;-}

jan said...

Oh my Maggie, mine was a teensy bump then compared to you flying THROUGH the blooming doors. I feel for you truly I do. My heads egg is going down, but still sore, the headache is still with me!!! The knee is a bit of a worry at mo, I am hoping it will disappear. The pain not the knee. Mind you on saecond thoughts, the knee can go too.
Tagged me huh!! Oh me oh my! :-) jan