Saturday, 9 February 2008


How very strange, these pictures have gone all over the shot! And the sizes!!! What happened there I ask myself? The little - ! - bird card is actually a QTC, from Lily in Rochester USA, why it looks so big I haven't a clue. The pocket card below, from Leah, Lake City USA had the miniature quilt inside its pocket, what a lovely surprise that was. The Big red heart is from Mary, Brooksville USA, it is all tiny beads, the Bear, fishing is from JoAnn, Dillingham, USA, I like the way she has done the water's edge.

I am hoping that soon I will have a complete set of cards of the POCKET or QTC swaps, or even one of the other sets I am in, I will then have to re-think the pictures, as I want to show the sets together. That is my plan anyway.

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