Monday, 4 February 2008


Well this is interesting, it is not at all how I wanted it but never mind. The lilac card is a 'Recipe' card and the picture beneath is a detail of the little book from the card.
The button hearts is my February Mingle, the next is a QTC - January White Sale 5 of these, and the last one is QTC - My Blue Heaven 5 of these.
I expect after you have been looking at the previous posts of all the cards I have received, you may be thinking I haven't done much!! Wrong. I posted a lot of the corresponding cards of mine, last year, the ones to me from those, are just beginning to trickle through. I am still making though;
Mardi Gras
March Mingle
Batik Beauty
Mystery Card
Needlenthread...and I'm sure there are probably a few I can't remember offhand.
I do like to be busy.

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