Tuesday, 15 July 2008


That's what I have been doing lately. Sewing up a Storm. I have managed to get finished;

Asian cards x 5 needed 3

Tattoo card x 1 just right

Just Lace cards x 7 needed 3

Pick 'n Mix cards x 3 needed 2

1 to 1 cards x 2 just right

Just because x 1 just right

Jungle Cards x 6 needed 3

Hmmm as you can see I got a bit carried away. Nothing unusual there!!

I am now dithering as to whether or not to post the pictures, if I don't I forget! If I do people take a sneaky look. Don't they Kath!!!!!!! Oh blow it. I'm gonna put them here, it's not my fault if people peek!

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