Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Well, there we are, I have just resigned from one of the groups I am [was] in. The cards are more or less completed in the swap, I posted mine last year. I have asked several times for the people who have still not received them to let me know so I could make another for them. To no avail., only a few let me know, so I have re-sent to them because, they had sent to me.
There were 4 yep, FOUR people, who didn't send or acknowledge whether or not they had received cards. It just annoyed me, so I've left.
Well, that's that off my chest!!!!
Ohhh, just realised, that will give me more time to send cards to the other groups I am in.
Actually, the very first group I joined is coming to an end as well, but there are 8 of us going to stay, so we are going to set up a brand NEW group, all fresh and lovely. We will re-start in June, which I feel will give the ladies who haven't completed yet, time to get all outstanding cards done.
All we have to do now is think of a name and the way it is going to go, I feel we should have certain rules to follow, not signed in blood or anything, but; maybe guidelines is a better word. I feel people like to know how they stand. I am getting advice about this from various people.

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