Thursday, 20 March 2008


I shall be away from my computer for four days and nights, starting tomorrow. I am off to house sit for my daughter, and look after the pets, 7 cats, Maz, Emma, Foggie, Onion, Pilchard, Chablis and Noisy; 1 African grey parrot, Bertie, who talks - Tropical Fish, tank full, [no names thank goodness!] ha ha Joke!
She does have a computer and she does give me the password to enable me to use it, BUT, I never do, well not any more, not since I crashed it and didn't know what to do. Panic!!!! It wont hurt to be without for a few days.
I usually take a stack of books down with me, or raid her library, she has lots of books I have yet to read. This time though, I am going to take some beading to do on some cards I have been making this evening specially for that purpose.
I have total peace down there, no television, [they do have one but I dont watch TV much] no noise, except the odd scrap between the cats, oh yes, and sometimes the fish bash the side of the tank which makes me jump, oh and of course Bertie nattering away.
He is really funny, every morning he asks for his TOAST. When you come in you would swear S was in as he says in her voice, "hello" and when you go out he says "Tara" in R's voice, sometimes it is spooky.
He can copy my mobile phone message signal, that is not funny as I pick it up to see who has sent me a message, no-one, cos it's Bertie. He is good company though. He makes me laugh.
I may take my camera with me this time and try to get some pictures of the cats and Bert. If they all keep still long enough.


Elaine said...

Oh I do hope you will get some pics.. I have always wanted a bird. think they are fascinating.. Will miss chatting with you though

jan said...

I forgot to take my camera Elaine I will ask daughter to get some for me.