Wednesday, 26 March 2008


How strange, I actually came back home on the Saturday, reason later, and it is now Wednesday! Where did the days go?

Well now, the reason I came back home Saturday was I had a call from daughter saying the weather was so bad they were fed up and were coming home, in fact there were almost half way home when she rang me...PANIC! Better tidy up PDQ; I had taken some beading to do with me and the beads were laying all over the place, also the books and magazines, it didn't take too long though to clear away all my things, have a general tidy round, pack up my bits and go home, you would never know I had been there. Bye bye cats, Bert and fish, until the next time!!! It was a shame though for them as I know they had been looking forward to this little break, she said they had managed to do what they went for though, which was clean the caravan through, air it as best possible due to weather. I expect it wont be too long before they go again.

I only managed to get 3 cards beaded, ready for their edges to be done. It is amazing how long the beading takes, I will put a picture up of the ones almost done, just to prove I didn't waste my time down there. I think I may keep the unfinished ones in a box ready for when I have to go again, that way I will always have something ready to do down there.

Here are the cards I took with me to bead,
the first two on the right are ready for beading;
the next picture is of two cards ready for the edges to be done;
and the last one, the one with just one 'firework' on it, is an experiment to see
if I like just one on the card. Hmm, not sure.
I had to 'borrow' some of GD's beads as I
didn't have any PEACH ones, can you
believe that? All the beads I have and
not one peach! Dreadful. She had a massive box of beads from Di for
Christmas and let me plunder them. Thanks bab.

Sunday of course was what GD calls Easter Egg Day, we had an egg hunt, inside because it was too cold and damp and very windy outside. We each took turns to hide the eggs-- little plastic ones that open up and you put things inside-- when it was my turn to hide them, it was almost dinner time, so, I hid them in really good places, then went off for dinner. MMM, so full, we sat around for a while doing nothing, letting the dinner settle, ate too much of course!! Then GD said, "Nana, your turn to hide the eggs" oops, I had forgotten where I had put some of them, so it turned into a REAL egg hunt.
We eventually found them all. Phew!

SNOW! GD very pleased, even though it was cccold. She had to build a snowman, or two in fact, then decided to give them a friend...see picture. Haha. There wasn't a lot of snow hence the little snow people. [today is Wednesday as I said before and the lower half of the bigger snowman is still on the lawn..ahhh]. I am sure I must have done other things like, sewing, but the old memory fades. I know I did catch up on all the message on the groups I belong to. Phew, that took an age. I am caught up now though and back with it. Got to sort my cards out as I have a feeling I have missed one swap I signed up for and that will NEVER do.

Sorted my sewing room out, had a bit of a move round as I restart my Quilt Set group this Saturday after the long break, and I have to be able to get to all the boxes easily. So that took care of yesterday, Oh; I also took some pictures and downloaded them myself this time, to make sure I could do it. I was a bit nervous, plugging that into this, and this into that, but the pictures are on the computer so I must have done it right. Pat on the back for me. Then last night I played with them in the Microsoft Digital programme, that was fun, I messed a few up and deleted some more - by mistake - but hey, I am still learning. Will be learning this til the end of my days. Anyway, enough chat, Oh what a lot of chat, I will now post some pictures. Hooray I hear you sigh! Here are the pictures I downloaded or is it uploaded!!!!! myself.
Some of the lovely threads I use, they look so pretty in the box don't they! Then two pictures of the inside of my fabric cupboard, the green shelf and the blue shelf...
Then the last picture is of my sewing machine - workhorse!- with some cards scattered that I am working on at the moment. They will be balloons!! Honest!


Anonymous said...

Love your fireworks cards Jan! I'm suffering fromserious thread and stash envy right now...your cupboard looks delicious! ps I love Robbie, but I have Johnny on mine! Kath x

jan said...

Hello anonymous,
thank you for comments, I take it you mean Johnny Depp? you didnt leave your site for me to see. My cupboard is yummy I have to agree. Bigger pik further down blog!!!!