Wednesday, 5 March 2008


I have put this picture here to try and make myself worked. This little chap sits in our garden, his phone 'rings' when you walk past it,----- or a cat!!----- in the night. It is one of those sensor thingies. Drives you mad....and the neighbours.....tough cookie. Aha, which leads neatly on to the message on the picture!! Elaine, you get it don't you!!
I seem to be getting a little behind with my postcards at the moment, I have been enjoying myself and making cards that are not actually needed for a swap, just playing really, So I got back to work this evening and did some QTC's and cards, not finished mind you, but on the right track again now.

I received two cards this morning, one from KR, a friendship card, it is just so funny. Hubby says the lady on the card - the biggest one - is a dead ringer for me!!


Haven't scanned them in yet, so no piks just now. Sorry.

Tomorrow, GD is going on a school trip, she will be away until Friday. This is very strange, she has never been away from her mum before, well she has had sleepovers here with us, I mean -- away - as in no family with her. I hope she is going to be OK, I am sure she will be, and I am sure she will enjoy herself and not think once about us. Which is, of course, how it should be. But you can't help but worry can you?

Roll on Friday.

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Elaine said...

I want a gnome for my garden.. He is precious!! tell you what.. I will sen d you a musical fish and you send me a gnome!! LOL