Tuesday, 1 June 2010


From Maggi, this fabulous 'C' Postcard
can you read what she put on the bottom of it?
Thank you Maggi, it is just great
Maggi also sent me this pack, for my Little Book making venture,
I had trouble getting one, then when I did, it kept disintegrating when I used it,
thanks Maggi - again - what would I do without you?
From Angela, our ongoing swap, the Months in Postcards,
she has sent me June and May, I have to do mine for her yet,
thought I was up to date with my swaps...oops! Sorry Ange, I will get them done for you, honest.
I just love these cards I am getting from Ange, I am almost wishing the year by so I can have them all
Ange also put in this little picture of a card she has made, go to her Blog to read all about it...
Thank you Angela for my super cards.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

those post cards are amazing

maggi said...

Thanks Jan. I can see why you look forward to getting those cards from Ang so much, they are beautiful.