Friday, 4 June 2010


Pretty beads and braids from the Birmingham Rag Market, Annette bought me these, aren't they gorgeous...The black things are actually buttons, I loved them, I wish I had bought more now as eacxh one is different back and front, I only bought 4, what an eejit.
My friend Pat was going to take a quilt she had made to a shop to get it long arm quilted. Well I know they are great and all that, but I knew the quilt she was taking so volunteered to quilt it for her exactly as she wanted, I didn't want it ending up looking like a mattress. [Ijust know I will get remarks about that comment, you know what I mean though, a lot of places quilt them so they ar boring looking - think I am making this worse for myself :-)]
Anyway, back to the Quilt, Pat has been invited to put this quilt into a show when it is finished. The show starts 10th June, what is the date today???? She has made it for her GD Erin, it is a very pretty quilt too, I was guessing it would  be a big lap quilt, as Erin is only a little girl. How wrong can I be! hahaha
As you know we went to Birmingham on Tuesday - see goodies - Pat's hubby, the lovely Mike, delivered the Quilt whilst we were there, Pat had finally got the border on ready for quilting. Yippee, I said as I received the message from my hubby to let me know.
When we arrived home, I got the quilt out of the bag [Plastic - naughty girl] and it just kept coming out, it is HUGE. It is rather lovely, but it is-----HUGE!!! Look....
I need a bigger floor...
Blow the floor - I need a bigger table!!!!
Pat rang me today. I asked why it is so big for a little girl, she said she is thinking of the future, Erin has her quilt now and it will last for a long time [I hope] right till she will fit a double bed folks. Well I had a good laugh with her about it and have promised IT WILL BE DONE in time for the show.
Anyway, Pat had also sent up the backing fabric, great stuff, that wide fabric, so no joins on the back, I like that very much. Also the wadding, I had to yank that out of the bag and give it a good old shake and airing to get the horrid folds out of it, I have explained to Pat they haven't all come out and I don't have time to wash the wadding to get shot of them. Time is marching on so I don't have any spare for such luxuries. I gave the backing and the top a good press this morning, then hubby came in and helped me lay it out on the floor, it didn't quite fit as you can see, so we guestimated the size of the bacing and wadding, he put a few pins in just to hold it for me whilst I moved it to my sewing room.
Now, the pins Pat sent me are not what I call quilter's pins, they are straight and very thick, the ones I use are very slim and curved, in the end I had to use both types as I didn't have enough of mine for the whole quilt, but I used Pat's thick straight ones round the edge so hopefully if they leave holes they will be covered by the binding. In the pictures you can see the difference in the pins.

I have managed to get it all pinned up and even a little of the quilting done this evening. It wont take me long to do - I think - as Pat has decided she doesn't want a lot of quilting on it. She knows me too well, I always cover the quilts I make with quilting. I keep looking at it thinking, I would love to do 'this' or 'that' might me an idea!! It's OK Pat I wont do too much for you, I will reign myself in. Although I do think there may have to be a little more than we thought, as the wadding says not to leave more than 4" unquilted!!!!! Honest it does. I will ring you about this when I get to it anyway.  I have an idea! Di would say that is dangerous!!!!
We are all going out tomorrow for a picnic, I am really looking forward to it. Pictures, I am sure,
will be on here of it tomorrow night!
Thank you for the comments on the new look, you seem to like the startling white, I am not too sure, do you not think it is a bit 'clinical'? Or is that just me?
Thank you all for the comments on this post. I do appreciate your imput you know.
Pat B what am I going to do with you, if I had known that was what you thought,
I would have gone to town on your Quilt {Erin's Quilt} -
so you are saying I can do what I want on it?
Everyone is witness to that hahahaha
You've gone and done it now my friend
ho ho ho


luv2quilt2 said...

Since you have it all sandwiched and pinned, this won't help, but when I take the batting (wadding) out of the bag, I put it in the dryer on medium heat for a few minutes. It comes out smooth as can be.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I do the same thing, put the batting into the dryer for a bit....smooth as satin.....what a lovely quilt.

Ann Flowers said...

That is a gorgeous quilt, what a special gift!! I love the buttons you got. very neat!!!!

Ann Flowers

cookie said...

oh the little Girl is going to be sooo happy. Its a very nice Quilt. Looking forward to see how you quilt it.

Pat B said...

Hi Jan, the quilt looks OK doesn't it? The pins came from Poppy Patch and were sold as quilters pins! Guess I went to the wrong shop? Good job you had some good ones.
Like I said, you can do what you want to with the quilting. I only said not too much of it because of the time factor for you!

maggi said...

I think the expression you were looking for about professional quilters is 'lack of imagination' There that's me in the dog house too. Good luck with the quilt though I know that you will make a lovely job of it. Wasn't your blog white before by the way? Guess I don't get any gold stars for observation!
Must have a trip to B'ham rag market - is it anywhere near the Bull Ring?