Sunday, 27 June 2010


Hmm, Blogger was playing me up so I sectioned all the pictures and thought I would
beat Blogger at it's own game. Didn't work, the picture sets are in the wrong order now.
Can I ask you to scroll down to QUILT SET / 1 and start viewing from there UPWARDS -
that way you will be seeing them in their correct order.
Many thanks.
I hope you will find it worth it.

At the end of our Showtime, Suzanne told me to go and sit at the front of the room!
I hate being on display like this, but for once did as I was told...
Felt a lemon I can tell you cos I could see Bridget out the corner of my eye with a camera..
Oh dear!!!!
Just read this....
Shock, Surprise, Stunned,
it is all there in the face...
I could see what Suzanne had made me..

Look at this corker of a quilt -
it is 9 feet wide folks,
see the black ands white star top right -
that is what gave her the idea for this hanging..
Just fabulous,
I am going to have it across the foot of the bed, I believe that is the best way to display it,
as we only have a small bungalow, the walls are not big enough for this to be seen
in all it's beauty.
Thank you Suzanne, it is just wonderful, I am very proud of you too for making such a large piece.
We took another photo of it in the garden when we got home,
It looks great in the garden too.
What a day full of surprises for me.


Tonya's Sewing Room said...

wow Jan, that is awesome....she had a great teacher..just wished you were on this side of the pond to teach me some of that wonderfulness

Pat said...

What a wonderful surprise for you!!! It is gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

wow it is beautiful, what a show piece ,
what a treasure.


sheppeylass said...

What a lucky lady! Hmm, that's the sort of thing I need to make for our new bed....
BTW, just realised I'm apparently "A visitor from Colchester, Essex!" Try the other side of the Thames Estuary to find Sheppey! :)


maggi21 said...

What a treasure - both of them.

Angela said...

What a lovely surprise! Well done's fabulous!!