Thursday, 3 June 2010


Another mixed bunch for you - sorry -
 my friend Di gave me this thread to try on my machine, it looks gorgeous, I shall enjoy using this. Thanks Di.
Bargains from Birmingham Rag Market, more will follow tomorrow, Annette bought some for me too, I haven't got the pictures of those yet though. There was a fabulous stall selling all sorts of wonderful braids and beads and buttons and ribbons, and, well, you name it, he had it. So we bought it, well, some of it.

I bought these bracelets from here in Northampton!! Up at the WFC there is a stall that sells fancy fake jewellery, these were £2 or £1 each, a bargain at the price. I dismantled them as soon as I had taken the photo. What a vandal I am. Maggi, aren't they lovely? Oh just thought, I haven't dismantled the little silver one yet, I may be tempted to wear that for a while, who knows?


You may have noticed I have changed the layout of my Blog - again! Let me know what you think, I am never sure of the startling white background!!!!!



Susan said...

Hello my friend, what have you got yourself into now (lol). Rubber stamps, painting sticks, ink pads!? I adore your little books, you are obviously enjoying making them hence so many. Oh and I like the new layout of the blog. Take care Jan lots of hugs and love Susan xx

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I like the white background.....and wow at all this stuff

Anonymous said...

Jan, I like the bright, white background!

sheppeylass said...

I like it too! Wish we still had a useful stall like that locally too.

Fiona. :)