Friday, 7 May 2010


On Monday this week, two young soldiers from 21 Engineer Regiment were killed in Afghanistan. Today they were flown home.  I am letting you know because the news channels seem to think the darn election is more important. Hmm, we have to remember it was the Government who sent these poor lads out there in the first place. Get your priorities right News media people.
My thoughts are with the familes of these poor lads.
Remember my friend Di's son A, it was his birthday this week, they are not in the mood for celebrations out there of course, but A, I send you birthday wishes, and hope you keep safe. Love Jan x


Maggie R said...

Hi Jan,
It breaks my heart to know more lives have been lost. This is an endless war... These people have been fighting for centuries. I say let them fight amongst themselves and we just keep out of it. We will never find the solution for peace for them. Seems they thrive on fighting..
I guess we just have to keep on praying it will soon be over and no more lives will be lost in vain..

Myfanwy said...

Jan, thanks for this post. It gets worse each time.

searchfamilies said...

While the election is important Nothing is more Important than someone's life & it so sad to hear of loss of life
DH always says that those who are so ready to send the forces in to fight should be the first in the front line or just let all the leaders fight it out that way we be done with them all
Hope Di son has a Good Birthday as best he can under the circumstances
Hugs Janice

prashant said...

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