Monday, 31 May 2010


These pictures are from my group's meeting on Saturday, most of the ladies are doing a version [small] of the Dear Jane Quilt. I designed 5 seperate, different amounts of blocks on each, also in different sizes for them - 4 1/2"--6" --8" -- and they had to choose which they wished to make. I print all the patterns out for them, yes, it does take a long time! but I have found through experience, if you want anything doing, do it yourself. The ladies who chose NOT to make a small quilt I have to find something for them to do on the day. This time I found a cute hanging I had made myself in 1998 would you believe, it was for old buttons to be displayed. I printed it all out for them including the writing of the word BUTTONS, but they chose not to do buttons they opted for FLOWERS, same amount of letters they said. Ho hum. That is the way the cookie crumbles as they say. I didn't mind of course, as long as they are sewing I am happy....most of the time! So here are the pictures from the day, the first picture is how far the NON button ladies got with their little hanging....
All the following pictures are of the blocks the ladies doing the DJs have completed so far, some have done a lot of them, some have just started, some, ie me - haven't started at all!! OOPS!
Suzanne  4 1/2"
Jean - 6"
Di - 6"
Kate 6"
Linda 6"
Irene 6"
Dee 4 1/2"
Barbara 6"
Jill 8"
Wendy 6"
Betty 8"
green fabric underneath being trialled for the sashing, this is the plain side...
this is the patterned side...
Maureen 6"
Sylvia 6"
Rosemary 8"
more fabric being auditioned for sashing
Margaret 8"
auditioning fabric it is a lovely batik
Michelle 8"
the background fabric is fabulous it looks as though it is hand embroidered
Haven't they all done well?
The next two pictures are of our Blocks made for the Block Lotto. Each meeting I ask them to make a 12" [finished] block in certain colours and a certain pattern, they are then put to the vote and the ones with the most votes win, this time it was split between two peole 6 for the first 4 for the second. If I got more blocks there could be more winners!!!!! The theme this time was STARS and the colours Red and cream. Dee won, her's is last row in the middle Bridget was second her block is first row third block, it was very difficult to choose a winner.
Next month our theme is anything a Child would like and the colour - BRIGHT - I wonder what we will get?
We then have a SHOWTIME where we get to see what the ladies are working on or have finished, do sit back and enjoy our SHOWTIME...
Blogger has decided to mess me about so they will get here tomorrow -
Blogger willing!!!!!


Pat said...

WOW...there are some great DJ blocks from your group!!! Your block lotto sounds like fun, too!

Needled Mom said...

Those DJs are awesome. They are on my "someday" list.

luv2quilt2 said...

Really enjoyed all the DJ blocks. I'm working on triangles now, and looking forward to having it all complete!

Angela said...

Wow, I love all the DJ's :o) I still can't get my head around that disc though, but maybe one day I'll get around to making too - they look fab!!

searchfamilies said...

It all looking good & seems you had a good time
Hugs Janice

Cath said...

Your class of quilters are making some great DJ's Jan, how can they fail with such a dedicated teacher! You must be a real inspiration to them all.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

gosh, i'd like to be part of your sewing group

maggi said...

They are fantastic. I can't believe I had the book and gave it away. Who am I trying to kid, I'd never get around to making them anyway!