Tuesday, 21 October 2008


I have decided to do some Notepads with covers. So, today, well this evening I made one to see how long it would take and if indeed it would work, the idea I had in my head, had to be transferred to the machine. Wahey, it worked. So tomorrow, as I make the next one, I will take photos and get them on here like the postcard demo. Just in case anyone is interested in making them for a Chrimbo prezzie.
These will be for the ladies who entered but didn't win my give away.
Given the game away now haven't I?


Solstitches said...

Can't wait to see these Janet. I'm looking forward to your blog tutorial and trying your idea out for myself.


Micki said...

I am looking forward to your pattern for the notepad...It sounds like a good quickie for a Christmas gift.


jan said...

Hi Margaret and Micki,
Just sorting the order out. It is easy peasy, what else would it be from me??
:-) jan