Thursday, 9 October 2008


We still have the wasps going in and out of the roof, I would have thought they would be gone by now. But no they seem to really like it in our roof. It is a pain, cos every time P goes up there to either get something down for me, or check the pipes or whatever these men do in the roof, some always manage to find their way down here. I found two crawling along the front door curtain the other day. Dispatched them pretty quick. We have also had them popping up on the carpets throughout the bungalow, they saunter along it as though they own the joint! I dread them getting in the bed. ARGH!!!! Cant think along those lines folks.

I want them to go. They have outstayed their welcome now.


Reflections of life and art said...

We always had wasps in our house growing mom use to catch them in her hand and throw them outside....she never got stung older sister got stung once right on the tip of her nose....I use to tell her that's becaues she stuck it up in the air to far...hehehe.
They'll be gone in the winter or will they?

jan said...

Oh I do hope so.