Thursday, 16 October 2008


At my groups last meeting - last month - I showed them how to make 3d flying geese, a very simple little block to do. Some were impressed, some, well, you cant please everyone all the time can you.
Anyway, I set them all a competition with a little prize to be won. What they had to do was make something, anything they wished, using the flying geese block I had shown them, they had to use at least 4 of the units, they could use 444 if they wished, as long as there were four visible units of the FG they would be accepted into the competition.
I suddenly realised I hadn't made anything myself, late again wouldn't you know, so had to get my act together and do something. Fast! Luckily, I had a quilt on standby that I had wanted to make for sometime, it had the FG units in it, not the 3D type, but I made them 3D so I wouldn't be cheating. I do so hate cheats, don't you?
Anyway, the busy busy busy posts are what that is all about.
Yesterday I made the 5 blocks that contain the FG units. Today I did the four other ones. Tomorrow I hope to get it sewn together as a quilt top, minus the borders as I know I wont have time tomorrow to do them. But its a start. Here are the pictures of the squares anyway for you to see.

The blocks with the 3D Flying Geese units in - can you see them - there are eight in each block so I know I haven't broken the rules!!

These are the other blocks, jolly holly and berries. For quickness I satin-stitched around it all. Oh yes, another thing I did different to the pattern was to applique - by machine of course - the squares in the corners. The pattern said to cut strips and then re-sew and cut more, and, bah humbug, I couldn't be doing with that, so I just cut the 12 1/2" square and appliqued the squares on. Job done.
These little blocks are what the group will be doing with me. The MAIN thing they will be doing is a fabulous Christmas Decoration with Betty, I am hoping no-one will want to do these so I will be able to make the decorations myself. I'm hoping to be able to sit down and relax. I have given Betty carte-blanche with the group for the day. Make a change for me. BUT I had to come up with something quick and simple just in case. Well, there is always one isn't there! So this was another thing I quickly ran up today. Told you I was steaming away!! Just noticed I haven't as yet trimmed the threads off, they are hot off the machine you see.

And there's more......


Reflections of life and art said...

Great blocks Jan....your meeting should be fun seeing all the neat what's the prize...nozy me wants to know....hehehe!

jan said...

Hmm, the prize, I haven't actually decided yet, it will only be something small, a fat quarter or reel of thread, something like that, unless I get something outstanding then I will change my mind...cos I can!!!