Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Today, I had to rest my finger. After yesterday's little episode, I was very careful in what I did. So I opted, NOT to do the washing, NOT to do the ironing, NOT to cook the dinner, NOT to put out the bins, NOT to hoover, NOT to dust, NOT to do just about anything really.

What I did do was give my hand very gentle exercise at my sewing machine, I found that if I laid my hand on the flat bed of the machine whilst it sewed, the gentle vibration of the machine, was most soothing!

Tomorrow, we are told the sun is going to shine. Yeah, right! Mind you if it does, I may just go out for a very gentle walk with my finger. It may like the fresh air on it. I may take it to town and let it caress the fabrics on Ash' stall on the market. I may let it warm itself against a lovely cappuccino in O'Brien's or maybe Costa Coffee, I'll have to see how it goes, I don't want to 'tax' it do I. It will have another evening of massage on the sewing machine to look forward to.

I have a feeling by next week it will be fully recovered. Just in time for my group's meeting. How perfect that will be.


Reflections of life and art said...

I love your plan....I think it's PERFECT and just what the doctor would order....ahahhahahaha!
Thank you Jan for the giggle!!!

jan said...

Do you know, that finger caressed the fabric on Ash' stall and pulled money from my purse. I'm gonna have to watch it!!