Tuesday, 28 October 2008


This is the Wasp nest that was in our roof. Hubby went up and cut it off the rafter. I was stunned when I saw the size of the thing! I had used this as a basis for one of my postcards, the Alien ones if you remember.

Here is hubby's hand against it to give you the idea of the size. Also you can clearly see the entry hole.

Then we measured it...27" round

It started to deteriorate as soon as he cut it away, the outside is like tissue paper and very fragile. BUT... when he cut it in half, he found the centre is like rock, it is solid and cannot be cut at all. Look, isn't it amazing. I hate wasps but this is a fantastic thing.

Then I saw them! Wasps! Some still in it. Yuk! They were dopey or dead, but yuk I was gone from there.It is now in the garden shed, we are hoping it wont deteriorate too much as we want Reb to take it to school when they go back after half term. I Am sure the kids and the teachers too will be really interested in it. We will clear it of its residents first though!

The hole outside has been filled in so hopefully they wont get back in next year!!


Anonymous said...

What a whopper, not nice to have one in the house,
Great idea for a school to see it, as many wont ever see one,

Hope you are well Jan, sorry i have been quite for a while, Just bit low

~ Phyllis ~ said...

Wow that is neat. Yuky but interesting. I've never seen the inside of one of those things. Thanks for posting the pictures.

jan said...

Hi Tracey, hope you are feeling lots better now.. lol to you.

Hi Phyllis, it truly is a work of art inside, amazing how they do it too, NOT going into details, blurgh!!!!
I am still amazed at the size of the thing.
Hole is now blocked so they cant get back in that way. I do hope they dont find another way in. I keep checking the eaves outside, but the neck doesnt help by not letting me look high enough. grrrrr.