Tuesday, 14 October 2008


OMG you would not believe. You know I said was it yesterday or the day before, I had forgotten I was entering a competition on Popular Patchwork Website. Well, yesterday I made the block, what a nightmare, not the block, me trying to go quick, more haste less speed. Then my camera went silly on me, made it look all yucky, so hubby took photo you will re-call. Then I noticed I had another day. Yippee.

So today I have been beading, all day practically, well, I had a few interruptions, as you do, visitors, phone, collecting GD from school, but they are by the by, I am pleased to say I got it beaded, did more than I set out to do. Got carried away.

Got hubby to take picture, went on PP site, argh!! Photo TOO BIG, I've gotta reduce it. Well to cut a long story short......too late I hear you cry..... I finally managed to reduce it. It is now somewhere in cyber space waiting for approval to go on the site in the competition.

I don't expect to win, I just feel it is important to take part in these comps, as it is good of folk to set them. Besides there are some drop dead gorgeous ones on there already. I have voted for a lilac coloured one, now why didn't I do that cos I love lilac. No, I wanted to be different and do it Amish style. OK I know they don't use beads, I can though cos I'm not Amish. Anyway here is the block, what do you think?


Reflections of life and art said...

Sure would love to see the block...hehehe...I'm sure it's beautiful with the beads on it beacuse it was already nice without.
Can you give the site so we can vote too?
Good luck!

Reflections of life and art said...

Ok that picture wasn't there when I put in my first comment...LOL!

As I said it looks beautiful!

jan said...

I forgot to put it on didn't I? Corrected it now. heehee
I think you have to be a memeber so no you cant vote, sorry.

Di said...

Lovely block. Will go over to PP site and see if I can work out how to vote for it!!!

Reflections of life and art said...

ah shucks...then you need to go place a vote for yourself then for me....unless you can only vote once thenchange your vote to yourself...hehehe!

jan said...

Hi Di, you gotta join this site it is great. No pressures.

Noel, shame on you, You mustn't vote for yourself. I've decided to make the quilt now, well a hanging in these colours for my sewing room, I really enjoyed the beading and I have wanted to bead a quilt for ages now. So THIS will be the one. Ive just put the Blog up of the designer of the Quilt. Go see.