Thursday, 9 October 2008


I received some Postcards, I was so surprised as I had thought all my cards were received that I was going to receive. Just goes to show, don't lose heart, they may all come yet!! So this one above is an ALIEN card, isn't it just great, I also had to put here what was on the back cos it is so funny. PLUS I had the piece of blue space fabric with it. A triple whammy. Thank you so much Christina, I love it........PIZZAZZ group.

WOW, what am amazing card. You will laugh, but my postman rang the bell and said "I really love this card it is so different, can I have it?"
HAHA matey, no you cant, but he is dead right, it is a wonderful card, I love it, I would never have thought of making it a leaf shape completely. What a brilliant idea, so thank you Miriam in Ireland for a truly amazing card.......FABRICARDS group.............................................................These beads were bought for me by Annette, my younger daughter, she got them in the 99p shop. What a bargain. Ten small glass bottles of beads, thread for making a necklace or bracelet AND needles, all for 99p. Brilliant. Thanks Annette, love em.

TODAY at the doc's... I was told I was a 'good girl', by the nurse, apparently my blood pressure, liver, kidneys, cholesterol, and whatever else they tested me for is 'just beautiful' - I resisted saying just like me!! I do wish they would talk to me like the adult I am, not a child! I wouldn't talk to a child the way these nurses speak, it is so patronising. I hate it. Anyway, for being a 'good girl' I don't have to go back until next year she said. Whoop-DE-do. Actually, I do. I have to go back on 22nd October to have 'a chat' with the Doctor this time about my neck. They have had the ex-rays back and wish to 'discuss' them with me. O'er! Watch this space!!!


Lynn said...

I too love the cards you received. The Alien is funny and the leaf beautiful. Sweet daughter to pick up these beads for you too.
Bravo on your wonderful health report. I hope your neck is not having a serious problem. Good luck at that chat.

jan said...

Hi Lynn, I consider myself very lucky to have such lovely things sent to me and a good family.
The neck will get sorted I am sure.

Reflections of life and art said...

Beautiful cards Jan...great mail day for sure!!
Glad to hear you got a gold star for your the doctor to see about your neck...hmmmm!

jan said...

Hiya Noel, big day Wednesday for neck!!!