Friday, 17 October 2008


Last week I bought this magazine. It was the first time I had ever bought a Beading magazine as I am not into jewellery, but inside this one it shows you how to make flowers using beads, so I treated myself to it. Am I glad I did.

Inside, I came across this beautiful picture. Well, I thought it was a picture, BUT, can you believe it, THIS is a bead. Truly. It is a fabulous Bead, well I call it a work of Art, calling it a bead is not good enough me feels.
Well, I knew I wanted to make this into a postcard, so I emailed the lady concerned to ask her permission to do this.

Here is her site link for you
Rowanberry Glass Art - Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads made by Claire Morris in Staffordshire, UK

What a lovely lady Claire is, she agreed for me to do it as I was using fabric and thread, NOT making another bead. So I quickly threw Pizza and chips, hahaha into the oven so I could crack on with the card.
Two hours later, I was finished.

What do you think? I am pleased with it, BUT, I am going to have another go at it, as I feel the colours are just not quite right. I have no wish to do an exact copy of Claire's work, I just need to use better fabrics. I put the Gold thread on to try to 'zing' it up a bit.Thank you so much Claire for allowing me to do this. I really appreciate it. You are going to love her site, the beads are drop dead gorgeous.


Lynn said...

Good example of asking for permission from another artist. ;-)
I like that your tree limbs go in the opposite direction. You did a bang up job on yours. It's beautiful. A lovely art quilt card.
Might you try it larger?

jan said...

Hi Lynn, I wouldn't dream of just taking a liberty and doing something without asking first, I hope others would feel the same way. Claire has been in touch with me again, and guess what! She is now asking my permission to put a picture of my lowly little card on her site. WOW, I feel famous!! hahahaha Just goes to show you, if you ask and are polite, things happen. Thank you for your kind words about the card, Do you know I may just try it as a Journal page, good idea Lynn.

Anonymous said...

The bead is gorgeous, and I love your interpretation of it. What fun!

jan said...

Its a beautiful bead isnt it. Go look at her site, there are so many wonderful ones on there. I am definitely going to treat myself to one. Choosing will be difficult though.

Leah said...

I am always amazed at your thread painting. Again you have done a fabulous job. I am in awe. Can't wait to come back and see what else you have been making. :)

jan said...

Hi Leah, nice to hear from you again, the beads Claire makes are fabulous. I was so pleased she gave me permission to make the card. I am going to make one for her as a token of my gratitude.
Keep in touch.
lol jan

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan

I'm thinking a bit of tyvek would also 'zing it up a bit'...your card is awesome as is!

sue /ca
aka quiltpixie

jan said...

Hi Sue/ca
Lovely to hear from you again. I have never used Tyvek, I know when I left PP they were thinking of a swap using it. Did it go ahead I wonder? Not sure I would get on with it!! Thank you for kind remarks anyway. Have done another one now. :-)

claire said...

Oh more compliments! My head is so getting bigger after visitng your blog! I am being rubbish and havent updated my site yet, but will pop the link to the blog and your picture in my links page when I do - is that okay?

jan said...

Hello Claire, I'm not surprised you haven't updated your site yet, you are far better employed making the gorgeous beads you do. I will be honoured to be on your page, I would consider myself to have 'made it' Thank you so much Claire.