Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Returned home from house-sitting to find these goodies awaiting me.

1-2-1 swap from Kimberly - Pizzazz group. this reminds me of a game I had when I was a kid; you had to move a circle over a twisty metal line without touching it, if you did, it gave out a loud buzz and you jumped out of your skin. Thanks Kimberly this really took me back.. great fun.

This one was also from Kimberly, such patience to cut out all those pansies, which I love of course, and the little dog in the corner. I do have a sneaky feeling this was from her daughter though!Ohh don't you just love this bear, isn't he a smart fellow, this was made by my friend KR, I love it to bits KR, thank you so much.
Leah, also from Pizzazz group made and sent me this wonderful feather quilting card. Isn't it just great. Keep up the good work Leah.
Well, now at last I have the pictures here of the QTC swap from my friend Di. We are, if you remember swapping the Seasons in QTC's [ATC's] I thought the first one was the one she had done for me, but it wasnt, it was the one underneath, which I also love, so she sent me two. Maybe I will do that all the time. JOKE!!!! hahahaha
Thank you so much everyone, I love these cards.

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