Wednesday, 8 October 2008


I am absolutely delighted to have some followers, I do hope you also will opt to join them, it will help keep you in touch with what I am up to. I am honoured to have you as my extra special friends.


Lynn said...

Absolutely adorable baby quilt. So well done too. Love the hearts around the border.

I did sign up as follower...have been following you a while now.

Shar said...

Precious baby quilt! Great fabric choices, I also love the hearts around the border :)

jan said...

Hi Lynn,
that is so kind of you to say, but I have to confess it is a small wall hanging really, it is quite small - for me - I tend to make bigger things usually. But had t make this for all my teds!! Thank you for being a Follower, I am giggling to myself as I put that, I do understand WHY they call it that name, but it just looks a bit silly....but then there is nothing sillier than me sitting here night after night talking to a computer!!!!! Weird or what!?! hahaha

jan said...

Hello Shar,
welcome to my bit of silliness. Glad you found me I hope there is something for you of interest. I really liked making this little hanging. Glad you like it also. :-)