Sunday, 5 October 2008


I had an email from my friend asking the following, so am posting pictures of my threads here and telling you where I got them from..if I remember that is!! This was the email..

"ahahaha....great tutorial btw!!! You did a great job.....I do have a question....where do you get your thread, what brand do you get and what kind, like 100% Polyester, Rayon, Cotton or Egyptian cotton? I love your metallic...every time I go to use them...they break....argggggg!"

These following threads are what I call my 'everyday' ones. I buy these off the market.
'SHOCK HORROR' They are absolutely fine, the chap I buy them from is very good to me as I do tend to buy rather a lot from him. They are good threads for all jobs, these are the ones I started with when I found patchwork and quilting and have stuck with them ever since. I have only fairly recently started buying the specialised threads. Mostly, I get them for presents. Which is even better. A reel of thread and I am happy as Larry. So these are the ones that are in the left hand drawers of picture above.

Now we are onto my specialised threads. These do cost a little more than ordinary threads, but I feel they are well worth it. Especially when I get them as gifts!!!!

YLI, I buy from EAST COAST QUILTING, the link is over on the side bar for you. They are slightly thicker than the normal threads, but you don't need to change the needle, unless of course you wish to. They come in gorgeous colours. I love using these for my FME.
I have to say, I never bother whether a thread is cotton or polyester, I go for the colour, if I like it, I buy it. In this case though, a lot of these were bought for me by my daughter as presents. My GD is also buying them for me now. I love it.

VALDANI threads, oh yummy threads these. They come in different weights, again, I really don't care about that, I see a colour I like and I buy it and use it whatever. Just change the size of your needle to a 90 or 100 if the thread is thick and get on with the job. I use these a lot for my FME. I buy these from CRAFTY NOTIONS, over there for the link.Also in this box, right to the left, is a small box of threads I bought direct from Anne Eddy in America, I have to check the name for you, she has a wonderful book, which I bought, and I had to buy the threads. They are SUPERIOR THREADS, that is the name of the manufacturer by the way. There are some ROBINSON ANSTON threads in this box too.

SPARKLE - I called this lot sparkle, I cant remember the real name, when you click on the picture you will see why I did! I bought these off EBAY, cant remember where though, if you search for glitter threads you will find them, they come in a box of 20, their choice of colours so be warned. I tend to only use these in the bobbin, for upside down work.
The small reels of thread are really old Madeira threads, I bought these from a shop that was closing down, oh how I wish I had gone back and bought more, I love these, they are very well behaved.

threads are exactly what these are. I had most of these bought for me by my friend Di, for various Birthdays and Christmases. They never seem to run out, weird that. I believe the place we got them was called Glitterati. We were at a show. They change colour roughly every inch or so. I use these with my new stand and a bigger needle than normal.

GUTTERMAN threads, I am told, are the best. Hmm, I don't know about that, they are lovely colours and everything, but I do feel they are very expensive. The reason I have so many of them is because again, the shop was closing its haberdashery department down and I kept going back and buying more. I love a bargain. These you will notice are small reels, they don't go very far at all.

These threads are again, very old. I bought these from Linda Straw, many years ago. They are still fine because I kept them in the dark and in a warm atmosphere. Did you know threads will break and perish if you keep them in the daylight? These are wonderful for satin stitch.

Here is a box of bog standard threads ready to fill in gaps of the normal threads from market.

...and last but not least, these threads were my mum's. They were in her old sewing basket, so are in perfect condition.
I hope I have helped you in the use of my threads, I am sorry if I haven't, you see, I just use them. I don't mind what sort, I'll give them a go. If they work, great, if they don't, I'm sure I will find another use for them. BUT FIRST I always try them in the bobbin, if they don't work in there, they go for use as embellishments. Nothing wasted in this house.
So there we are, my threads in all their glory. Yes I do have a lot, but then again I use them so feel OK about it. Any queries about them, I will do my best to answer.


~ Phyllis ~ said...

All those thread are a feast for the eyes. It's like a rainbow of threads. I love color.

Reflections of life and art said...

What eye many threads...but then you use so much on your cards...that's why they look so nice.
Thank you for sharing your stash and all the good advise too!

jan said...

Hi Phyllis,
Yes they do look like a rainbow, its cos I seperate the colours, I like to see at a glance if the red or whatever, I need is there, and not have to go searching through a mishmash of boxes. Control freak I guess!! :-)

jan said...

Noel, Hope it was of help to you me dear. :-)
Your wish was my command!

fabricpixie said...

Jan, I am amazed at how many embellishments you have, including threads,etc. I have NEVER seen SO many filled bobbins in my are really prepared!

I am in awe of you, your work and your must have a wonderful 'studio' to work in.

Love your preprinted fabrics for future use and embellishing. Do you have your techinique for printing on fabric in your blog somewhere? That would be very interesting and educational.

Your friend across the pond

sue /ca