Saturday, 11 October 2008


Just my luck. I have to re-order my prescription online and wouldn't you know. The computer is playing me up. What a pain. I am unable to access any emails. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a new day and a new mood to the computer and it will let me do it. Such a nuisance.

Today has been a bit of a mish mash day for me. I had every intention of finishing 'the bag' but hey ho. No chance.

Last night I brought home all my daughters washing as she is not very well, and Reb will need her uniform for Monday. Got it all dried in the lovely sun and warm wind we had today. Hubby thought tomorrow was going to be manky, so I decided I would take all her washing back to her. all neatly pressed and aired. Great when you dry stuff outside, it doesn't need ironing. On the way, I kept bumping into people I knew so it took for ever to get to her place. Had to stop and have a cup of tea, then on the way back I decided I would come a different way than normal, came up a different road as it is not so steep as the one I normally use, well I had a bit of a contretemps with a car driver. Picked on the wrong one buddy. A chap on the corner was shouting, 'go granny' it was quite funny really.

Then when I got in, our online shopping hadn't been delivered, oh dear, what to have for dinner? Yummy, pizza and chips from the freezer. Will put weight on this week for sure!!!! It should have been delivered between 3 -5pm. It turned up at 7pm, so the driver was told to..erm...keep it and he said, 'don't blame you mate'. Well you don't know how long the stuff had been just left laying around, there was meat and frozen stuff in there, so we opted not to accept. Hubby will have to go shopping in the morning so we got food for dinner tomorrow.

Then I went into sewing room and decided to try a tea cosy. Yes I know, I should be doing other things really, but I wanted to work this out for my friend Noel. It works Noel, will send you the pattern. Well, I will send you a pic by email hopefully tomorrow then you can decide if you would like the pattern. Its quite cute, I used to make these for my Craft Fair Stall. Golly, those were the days. That reminds me I am sup[posed to be finding a picture of those days for my friend Noel, and someone else but I don't remember who it was. Head like a sieve.

Tomorrow, I really do have to crack on with a block I should have been doing this evening for a competition I want to enter. So many things, so little time! Not going to try loading any pictures tonight, may just blow the computer. Maybe tomorrow.


Reflections of life and art said...

What a great Mom you are....VBG!
Sounds like you had a day...hehehe!
Can't wait to see the tea cozy...hope the puter stays in tact too!

jan said...

Thank you me dear, I think my girls would prob disagree with you sometimes. heehee.

Oh I just don't get it, what does VBG stand for again?

Ive made the tea cozy its really cute, will post a picture for you tomorrow. AND AND I've finished 'the bag'. I love it. So does my Annette, so she shall have it. I'll make myself another, with longer handles, I wear my bags schoolgirl style, and these weren't long enough for me. ho hum