Thursday, 27 December 2007


All that fuss and it's over in a few days, well, one to be exact.
Back to normal in this household, Hubby gone off to work so I have the day to myself, well, until 3 o/clock-ish when he is home again.
So how have I spent my time?
I have checked my Swap sites and found I have a new card to make as one of the swaps has gone to file. I am to make two and a half inch by 3 and half inch cards [!!!], five of them, the theme is birds in winter! Hmmmm, now why did I sign up for that one, what the heck am I going to do for that? Birds Janet. That's what. Will put pik up when I have them done.
I have a few things to catch up with actually, the 5 purple cards and the 1-2-1 swap card I received I must put pik here for you to see. Ha ha ha, WHO to see.
Di, if you are reading this yet, sorry again I didn't let you know about my blog, wanted to get used to it first.
ANYWAY, for Christmas, I got, ohhhh lots of lovely things, threads and fabrics and books and a digi camera, bear, bath stuff, chocolate, Robbie calendars, kitchen calendar, green nail polish, I am gonna try to scan them.......

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