Monday, 31 December 2007


What was it I was going to say? Only joking...
In all the build up and present giving and receiving and then putting all my piccies up here, I completely forgot to mention that on Christmas Day, just when A switched the ring on the cooker,
electric off, R and S were there so he went to flip the trip switch (!) all back, on goes the ring again,
Bugger, off it all went again. Cooker pulled out, hubby checks the bit behind and finds the wonderful electrician who re-wired the flat, had left a wire hanging loose and a screw not even tightened up. All sorted, back to the veggies,
Bloody hell now what. Well between Hubby and R it was decided not to use the front ring. Switch was duly thrown again (!) and another ring chosen for the veggies..........................
YES. It worked, veggies duly got cooked but meantime the poor turkey in the oven was cooked to....hmmmm................the Sahara desert comes to mind. BUT, we ate it cos it was such a shame. Few tears from A, but she soon got over it. The Christmas pudding was yummy.
An eventful dinner was had by all, because S and R had left a loaf cooking in their new bread maker machine, I dread to think what it looked like when it come out, because they had to go up to Cemetery when they left us to see Bren.
After all the festivities have gone, A has to ring the Council to inform them they employed a load of eejits to rewire the flat and that it now needs for someone to come back and sort it...properly this time.
This you have to understand is a much edited version of what hubby has said to tell the Council!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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