Saturday, 22 December 2007


Gosh is the word.
Well my cards have started arriving and it seems they like them, yesss, particularly if I have put a little bit of history on the back, which I must admit I didn't do on all of them, as all that writing really made my wrist ache.
BUT..... then you see, because I mentioned that on the swap site, one of the girls posted a copy of a print out postcard backing I can use, so I can actually type my message, then print it onto fabric, and hey presto.... How neat is that?
I am going to give it a go first to see if I understand the instructions properly, no good typing loads then it not printing right!!
So for me, this was definitely the right thing to do, join a swap....or two.
I have now got to go back and re-read my messages as I don't want to repeat myself here and look a complete wally!!
I have NEWS.......

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