Tuesday, 11 December 2007


Well, I feel really let down by Northampton. Reason? One of the swaps I am in has asked for the cards to be Regional!
So there you have it.
There is absolutely NOTHING here.
Nothing to sing about.
NOTHING to put on a postcard.

I went to town and collected what I thought would be good for the cards... leaflets of 78 Derngate, Balloon Festival and Shoe Museum. Printed them all onto fabrics and made all the cards.
Ho-hum don't look too bad!!

Anyway sent off first 6. Yep SIX. Have actually made ALL the rest too...
Been looking at the site and the cards the OTHERS are sending are sounding pretty gorgeous, there are two girls who have BEARS for goodness sake outside their doors. DON'T, just don't ask what's outside mine.

Bit fed up to say the least.

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