Wednesday, 23 April 2008


I am not happy at all, went to slimming club tonight, well, first we got shouted at and told to hurry up!! Suzanne had rushed around at work clearing her desk so as to leave it tidy, as she was off for the next few days, then as she doesn't work in Northampton she had to get to me to pick me up, so it was all very stressful. Then to get at the club and be told...well!
Then the scales were in a different part of the room, which I feel cannot be right! The whole layout had been rearranged, it was a real muddle.
Also there was a little girl there who just kept maunging and making noises and stamping her feet, the mother just sat there. I am sorry if you cannot control your kids do not bring them along to annoy other people. Get yourself weighed ... then leave!
Then to cap it all, they said I had PUT ON 1/2lb. I know it is not a lot, but I cannot believe it as I had been stuffing fruit like an eejit, and I hate fruit, but it is 'free' so had it.
Not happy. Neither was Suzanne for being shouted at. If it is like this next week we aren't going to stay.
PS to this post.
It is now Wednesday and I have just had a call from the leader of the club, to see what was wrong. So I explained about all the above, and she apologised, but we are still going to see what it is like next week. She has told me the scales will weigh 'the same' where-ever they are put in the room!! The layout is now how it is to be in the future. The child situation...she will have a word with the mother. Apparently I wasn't the only one who felt a bit 'miffed' last night. So we shall see. On a good note, Suzanne had lost weight, not as much as her own scales said, also hubby had lost. He has lost nearly a stone now. Brilliant. Wish I had.

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