Wednesday, 2 April 2008


I have just found an amazing site, don't ask me how, cos I never know how I get to these places...anyway I want to share this with the World, I have also asked the lady permission to put her link here, so it is OK to do. This is the link
Now, go and just look at this amazing lady's work, and she gives it away!! You will be there for a while as there are SO many quilts to see. All gorgeous. Read what you have to do carefully, you have to choose yourself, and believe me that is hard to do.
when you have done that, go back and look at her stash!!!
OMG it is A- M -A -Z -I -N -G, I want to move right in there with it all.
Even if you don't wish to enter it is a real treat just looking at all the Quilts.
These gorgeous Quilts are offered alternate months, so if you don't win one month. Treat yourself, have another go.
Good luck everyone. DON'T FORGET TO COME BACK TO ME!!!!

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