Wednesday, 30 April 2008


This is my 'first ever' Crazy postcard. It is actually my very first attempt at anything 'Crazy' style.
I have entered a swap for Crazy cards, they are supposed to be done my hand, but I am a machine person, so am hoping the ladies wont mind....
OK I know it's not perfect, the spider's web is definitely odd, and the spider looks up-side-down to me and far too big probably!! I had great fun making it though, the embellishments I sewed on - by hand - it took me two days would you believe to do this one card, and it's not finished yet? The embellishment is, but the edges need tidying.
I am actually rather pleased with it I have to say, I am hoping the ones I have to make for the swap will not take as long to do, once I get into a rhythm they may speed up, who knows. From a distance, it 'don't look 'arf bad'. I am going to keep this one for myself, it is my 'learning curve one.


Noel said...

Jan, love your did a great job. Not every CQ has a spider web and spider on them so don't think you have to put one on each of them. They are a lot of work and the embellishments take a long time. I'm going to sign up for this one too! I like the idea of letting the machine do the stitching and embellishing by hand!


jan said...

I am supposed to be 'trying' to do hand work, I did say I would. But oh the time it takes. I opted to do the stitching by machine and embellishing by hand, probably takes me just as long really, but I AM enjoying doing these, didn't think I would. Have Kath to thank for pushing me a bit in this.