Monday, 14 April 2008


This card I made for a very clever little girl, who had made a postcard herself and it was wonderful, I shall ask her permission to put a picture of it here. I am hoping by sending one to her she will be encouraged to keep sewing.
All these cards will be posted very soon, which will complete most of the swaps I am in. I have done more but as yet haven't scanned them in. Another job for tomorrow.
I shall be sad to post this as I love it so much, but it has to go. It is for a May Mingle.
These are for an 'Earth Day' swap I am in.
Aha, now that would be on the card to see message.
I was really pleased with the way these QTC's turned out, they are for a 'Memory Lane' swap. I do hope the recipients liked them.

It is a lovely feeling knowing I am ahead of the dates for the swaps to be sent out, I can see, sitting on the printer 7 more cards that need to be scanned in, I will add them here, hopefully, tomorrow. Then I really will be bang up to date. That will be the end of my cards as I am going back to my quilting.


Noel said...

Jan, it's always a pleasure to visit your blog and see all the lovely creations you have made. I love your Mum card as I said before and your Earth Day cards are gorgeous. I know one 7 year old that will be thrilled to get one of your cards, just as I was!
You are such a giving person Jan!
Your talents are exquisite

jan said...

Thank you Noel, I am pleased you visit and enjoy what I do. I love making these cards, they really have, taken over my life. I am assuming you mean Kira by the 7 year old, or is there another one you need to tell me about????