Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Good grief! see; quilts to finish over there...
You see I am going to blame this all onto KR, I saw the pictures of her sewing room and how neat it was so I had to go and do mine...I cannot tell you what pain it caused my hand in moving around all those boxes and trays, BUT, it was worth it, I now have a lovely tidy room and a CLEAR TABLE! Now how did that happen because I haven't thrown anything away. Strange! I will get around to taking some new pictures of it in a few days, I want to make sure I can really work with it like this first. No point having a lovely looking room when it isn't workable eh!
The blame I am putting on KR is for all the Quilt tops and Hangings I found ready for quilting whilst having a tidy up. So many. I refuse to count them, I will let you do that, it will scare me! Now they are listed in full view I may actually get around to finishing them and ticking them off, that would be good. Then what to do with them, the chair in the bedroom is very nearly to the ceiling with Quilts! Ah well, no doubt someone will let me know they would like one of them. That is what usually happens.
I am looking forward to getting back to my quilting I have been concentrating on the Postcards for so long I have nearly forgotten how to do it.
Meantime here are a few pictures to view. Next post.

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