Wednesday, 30 April 2008


Back from my house-sitting stint, and it being Tuesday, we were off to the slimming club. I knew I would have a good weight loss this week as I had been up and down, up and down stairs at daughter's house that many times, chasing after the cats too, all extra exercise.
I got on the scales and looked over the piece of board they hide them behind, WHAT!!!!
It said I had PUT ON 3 1/2lbs.
I got off absolutely disgusted, saying something is wrong somewhere this cannot be right.
S got on, now, because she had been away she knew she would have gained a pound or possibly two. Huh! Scales said she had gained 5 1/2 lbs.
TWO very unhappy and cross ladies I can tell you.
So... the girl who was doing the weighing said 'look I will check them I know what I am from earlier', so she removed her boots and got on the scales....they said she had GAINED 4lbs....just sitting there for about an hour she had gained. Need I say more! She dashed to her car and brought in a fresh pair of scales, I walked out in disgust - I have to tell you it was raining and I got soaked but had to go as I could not rely on myself to remain quiet!!!
S came out to the car and said she had been re-weighed and this new set of scales said she had gained a pound, and did I want to go back?
What do you think my answer was then?
I am totally appalled at the way this club is run, talk about a shambles, apparently everyone in the room, and there were a lot of ladies in there, were now having to be re-weighed as the previous scales must have been faulty.
I rest my case.
We went straight to S house and picked up her expensive digital scales and brought them to my house. We have decided we will have our own private slimming club - we are starting this Thursday, from scratch, S is going to make a chart for us to fill in, we will do far better than the stupid other place I am sure.
Oh! What did we weigh on these scales I hear you ask? Sit down dear reader...
12 lbs LESS than the others. can that be!!!!
I have deleted the Weight Loss box over the side, I will start again tomorrow. We will show them we can do it on our own wont we S........


Suz said...

ha ha ha ha ha! This has made me laugh! What an evening's entertainment! Rich can't stop laughing - why is that it was me and Mum that started this trouble I bet everyone else just accepted that they had put on!
Well sorry, not me either there is no way I put on 5.5lb I know I ate and drank more but I didn't really feel any different. My scales show me that I'm 10lb less than Slimming World's - so two fingers up at them is what I say and bring on Thursday night Fat Fighters!!!

Noel said...

Jan, you make me laugh! I'd be ticket off too and not return. They probably program them that way so you keep coming back...hehehe!
Suz's scale is much better...Thursday night Fat Fighters is great!
Good luck to you both!!