Wednesday, 16 April 2008


I am so pleased, Kira and her mummy said I can post the picture of her card here. How about this......Kira is 7 years old. This is her first ever card.


Noel said...

Jan, how sweet of you to post Kira's first post card. She is one talented 7 year old....must get her art ability from Mom!

jan said...

Hi Noel, Kira most certainly is talented, and yes I am sure she gets it from her! :-)

Suz said...


I'm working believe it or not at Nottingham!! We have been told to find a blog site and leave a question.

So how do you feel now you have spoken with Alicia?

see you later, Suz xxx

jan said...

Hello Suz, Hmmm how do I feel, well I shall know more about that next Tuesday!!! Hope you are enjoying your course. This message was on the wrong post if you ask me. I have updated last nights message!!!!!